Common Clutch Complaints


My car revs up but does not move.
My car over revs going up hills and pulling away from the traffic lights.
I can not select gears.
My clutch takes up with the clutch pedal high off the floor.
My clutch shudders or vibrates when taking off.
I have a noise coming from my clutch.
I have no clutch.

All Make Clutch and Brake supplies can give advice and supply parts to remedy these problems.

Allmake Clutch and brake Supplies can give advise and supply parts to remedy these problems. Contact us now!!


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We realise we can not dwell on the past no matter how successful and that our business will only be as good as the service we can offer today.
Our mission is to be a leader in the brake and clutch supply and related trade services industry measured by our success in delivering excellence in customer service and quality control standards backed up by our family team.


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