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bendix brakes






Bendix brake pads

Bendix general ct are general purpose disc pads for passenger vehicles specifically suited for general suburban, city and freeway driving.
Bendix general ct pads have always been desighned to tackle the issues consumers dislike most noise and dust without compromise to stopping performance. They contain an advanced ceramic formulation for superior noise, vibration and harshness nvh control. They also have a titanium stripe for instant bedding in and stealth technology special shaping of the pad to eliminate noise.
Bendix also have special formulations and brake pads for heavy duty application bendix HD. Four wheel drive disc pads bendix 4x4 with stealth technology and titanium stripe. Also disc pads for street and track including motor racing.


Maxistop brake pads

This company was first formed as Aymtray pty ltd in 1988 and set up manufacturing brake pads at Ballan in Victoria and was purchased by Maxistop pty ltd in 2001 and moved to there large manufacturing plant on 15 acres in Melton Victoria.
There aim is to achieve near full (if not full) coverage across all spectrums of automotive and industrial applications, including those models newly introduced into the Australian market. There vison is to establish Maxistop as a one stop supply source in Australia for high quality and value for money disc brake pads which do not contain asbestos.






Remsa brake pads


Remsa is one of Europes leading manufactures of brake pads and has manufacturing facilities in Europe and America
Remsa pads are the pinnacle of European quality. Remsa are rated to 650 degrease C , offer low dust and low rotor wear. Remsa come with noise reducing features such as relief grooves and shanfers in the pad material as well as a soft backing shim as standard. Remsa also come standard with the electronic wear sensors when integrated with the pad.



girling Brake Pads



Girling disc pads

The Girling name in brakes has been oround nearly as long as the inception of the motor car and was used by our own Jack Brabham in his racing years and Jack won three drivers world championships and only trusted Girling brakes.
The Girling standard pad is a ceramic based high operating temperature disc pad covering up to ninty eight percent of the worlds cars and meet all European and world standards.


Brembo Brake Pads







DISC BRAKE ROTORS Rated as possibly the worlds best in disc brake rotors supplying every thing from motor cycles up to racing formular one.


dba brakes




DBA Brakes

Disc brake Australia a top Quality Australian made product.
After decades of design and  development with race teams around the world, Disc brakes Australia developed a proprietary cast iron xg-150 for use in all of its premium performance disc brake rotors. This specially formulated iron is rich in carbon and alloyed to produce excellent thermal characteristics, which is a key factor in the production of the casting, combined with there patented kangaroo paw ventilation design.
With its supersaturated solution of carbon in an iron matrix, the excess carbon precipitates out in the form of graphite flakes. The morphology of these graphite flakes provide excellent thermal properties, increasing the thermal shock resistance and allowing it to survive rapid thermal cycling with core –heat levels of approximately 700 degrease c and above.
Rotors come in Street + 4x4 +performance and everything in-between.

There most recent advancements was the introduction of the 4x4 survival series of slotted rotors for off road vehicles and the latest thinking in design for slotting through out there range of performance rotors.



IBS Brakes







Asia manufactured high quality disc rotors giving trouble free braking and withstanding high temperatures and high resistance to thermal cycling.



CBA brakes








Brake bonders Australia use an excellent non asbestos organic material to suit Australian conditions have a large bonding plant in Sydney and also supply other top leading brand names for there brake shoe requirements.



pbr brakes








Ibs and zircon source there products from leading manufactures around the world including Australia and PBR.
MCX formally master cylinder exchange supplying the Australian brake and clutch reconditioners with quality seal kits.
Brake fluid high quality Girling, PBR, IBS  fluids.
All Make Clutch and Brake supplies also offer a service for brake hydraulic stainless steel cylinder re-sleeving.
Reconditioned or new power brake boosters also available


Our Principles

We realise we can not dwell on the past no matter how successful and that our business will only be as good as the service we can offer today.
Our mission is to be a leader in the brake and clutch supply and related trade services industry measured by our success in delivering excellence in customer service and quality control standards backed up by our family team.


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