Common Brake Complaints


Grinding noise coming from my brakes.
Pulsating brake pedal.
Squeeling or squeaky brakes.
Brake pedal sinks to the floor.
No brakes after prolonged heavy braking.
A high hard brake pedal but the car wont stop.
Car veers left or right under braking.
My car takes excessive time to stop.
Loosing  brake fluid.
Dirty wheels from brake dust.
My abs light is staying on.
My handbrake does not hold on hills.
I have no handbrake.

Allmake Clutch and brake Supplies can give advise and supply parts to remedy these problems. Contact us now!!


Our Principles

We realise we can not dwell on the past no matter how successful and that our business will only be as good as the service we can offer today.
Our mission is to be a leader in the brake and clutch supply and related trade services industry measured by our success in delivering excellence in customer service and quality control standards backed up by our family team.


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